You may not know this yet, but Dylan Itkoff, you are an artist.  Years from now, you will look back on your life’s work and see it was always so, and in spirit or in person, I will say I told you so.

This is what I know:

You were born of thick skin and quick blood, a master of his time, with clever wit and big words to back up his rhyme.

He sculpts on, ‘the maker, with ease.’  But his greatest creation was you.  You hang on nobody’s coattails but your own, a grip firmly rooted in your mind.

The strongest, most valuable gift you give to us is your love.

But you can see the invisible, feel the incredible.

And you’re just. so. cool.

You will forever be a visionary, an eternal man of mystery, and it is my pleasure to watch you grow.  This marks the beginning…


(Black and white film photographs taken and developed by the one and only, Dylan Itkoff.)