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Geometric Doodle


I could kick myself.  But I won’t.

The truth is, I was sick, and I plopped right into bed after work instead of going out into the cold night to retrieve my computer from my car.  I even took a cab, which I only do in extreme situations of not wanting to ride my bike.  On this occasion, because I would rather not get sicker, I chose to travel the five-point-one-mile ride home from the warm, windless backseat of a cab and skip the night-air chill and uphill burn of my beach cruiser work-out.  By the time I got into bed and remembered my deadline, there was no getting me back outside to grab the computer I should have never forgotten.

So here I am, one day late on the second post of my first official Sunny Styles Series.  If anyone has an idea for some sort of self-ordered punishment for being a bad blogger, the comment box is waiting patiently.  To make up for my behavior, here is an old napkin doodle of what could very well be my subconscious eye…and how it might be looking at me this very moment.

Angry EYE Doodle