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A Flower For you But I Love You

Happy Valentine’s Day.



Here’s something pretty to try.  Free People gave me the idea.

Tin Lantern Light the Candle

You need:

  • myriad of tin cans
  • something to measure with
  • hammer
  • screwdriver
  • water
  • freezer
  • paint
  • tea lights
  • fire

It’s ridiculously simple and will happen just as long as you remember to salvage the tin cans that land in the recycle bin.

Leave them on the  kitchen counter next to a sharpie until you imagine your patterns – then dot away.

When the time is right, fill the dotted can with water and freeze.  Each time you open the freezer, you’ll be reminded to grab the hammer, and in two minutes you’ll have a new lantern.

Tin Lantern Pattern SketchFrozen Tin Lantern Tin Lantern Project in Action

I just held the frozen, dotted can on a paper towel between my thighs or shoes, but I’m sure you can figure out something safer.  For the record, I did not hurt myself.  Hold the Phillips head screwdriver steady over each dot and gave two or three solid hammers.  The one I used left tiny cross indentations.

When the ice melts away, you can paint it.  I used a few thick coats acrylic and a medium paintbrush.  I’m satisfied with the results.

Tin Lantern Post Hammer Tin Lantern Paint Mess Tin Lantern Flickering Tin Lantern Light Sparkles

All I need now is a never-ending supply of vanilla tea lights, because I find myself addicted to the three-dimensional flickering.  And, there are so many places to put these tin can lanterns.  I’d like to hear and see what you come up with.

Tin Lantern Copper Glow Tin Lanterns in the Dark

(By the way, have you noticed my absence?  It’s true, I’ve kept Sunny Styles quiet for months, but I feel I must tell you now that I have been working behind the scenes on an entirely new mode of operations.  I’ve realized I must not worry over when and in what order I get things done.  If I do not force the rhythm, it all just sort of happens.  Keep breathing.  Eyes, continue to roam.  Hands are working close behind.  And as I said before, Just Coast…

And, stay tuned for a whole lot more.)

Britex FabricBritex FabricsBritex first floor, expensive importsBritex FabricsBritex FabricsBritex Buttons FloorBritex Button FloorBritex FabricBritex FabricBritex FabricBritex FabricsBritex FabricBritex FabricBritexChinatownChinatown

I followed my mom up to San Francisco for one of her LEGENDARY day-trips to Britex Fabrics.  But not just any fabric store…we’re talking five stocked floors of fine imports and affordable fabrics, thousands of buttons, miles of ribbon and lace, and rare finds hidden among the sea of bolts.  Britex would impress even the least stylist person.

Of her four children, I alone carry the record for ‘longest session in a fabric store with mom without complaining/whining/becoming angry.’  (Mom, you must be proud to have passed on your love of fine fashion to at least one child. Thank you for the good taste and eye for pretty.)

PS.  Britex’s blog has some cool things to tell you.

This week I saved some fallen plumeria flowers from an afterlife of browning compost.  Pressing plumerias is as pleasant as a  enjoying a morning of bird songs and butterfly wings.  Maybe I’ll do another flower press frame but first I’ll go flower-snipping and see which buds and blooms pair nicely together.  Can you tell how garden-fresh my mood is today?

 Lay clean white sheets down first, arrange the flowers so that they will lay flat.  It’s kind of easy to squish plumeria in a funny way so you may have to snip the end of the step off.  (If you’re curious, that book up top is an awesome collection of neon black-out posters from the sixties and seventies…  Hmm, I should post those.)

Make a plumeria sandwich with another clean sheet.  Paper towels leave textured indentations, just so you know.  Finally, set a big pile of books on top and wait a while – the longer the better.

When  it’s been a while, use something flat and pointy to peel the petals away carefully.  Very carefully.  They’re quite fragile.

I think it might be nice and three-dimensional if I glue some beads in the center to cover up the brown spots.  I’ll let you know how it goes.




Our lists will forever be never ending. Splitting it into seasons is just easier on the mind. Here is the beginning of my summer notebook. May it’s words be given life before the summer is out.

Get wetsuit. Surf. (Tick, tock. It’s July.)

Dye suede boots already. (I need to find chocolate brown suede dye.)

Import “greatest car CD ever” onto my comp (before it becomes unplayably scratched).

Six Flags (with our new English friend).

Add lace to my ratty old jean shorts. (In other words, make them immortal.)

Bleach stamp tiny flowers onto overalls. (Yes, I said overalls.)

Sell old beach cruisers.

Garage sale. (Make way for the new.)

Have mom teach me to sew (and finally force her to make my dress she’s been talking about for so long).

Make slips and camisoles. (No one wears slips anymore. It’s tragic.)

Update the blog book.

Make over that old suitcase I found. (Gramma shouldn’t mind.)

Write more…seriously, you call yourself a writer.

Now enjoy these animals’ smiles, slime, and overbites from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.