This week I saved some fallen plumeria flowers from an afterlife of browning compost.  Pressing plumerias is as pleasant as a  enjoying a morning of bird songs and butterfly wings.  Maybe I’ll do another flower press frame but first I’ll go flower-snipping and see which buds and blooms pair nicely together.  Can you tell how garden-fresh my mood is today?

 Lay clean white sheets down first, arrange the flowers so that they will lay flat.  It’s kind of easy to squish plumeria in a funny way so you may have to snip the end of the step off.  (If you’re curious, that book up top is an awesome collection of neon black-out posters from the sixties and seventies…  Hmm, I should post those.)

Make a plumeria sandwich with another clean sheet.  Paper towels leave textured indentations, just so you know.  Finally, set a big pile of books on top and wait a while – the longer the better.

When  it’s been a while, use something flat and pointy to peel the petals away carefully.  Very carefully.  They’re quite fragile.

I think it might be nice and three-dimensional if I glue some beads in the center to cover up the brown spots.  I’ll let you know how it goes.