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Wish You Were Here

My old-fashioned ways of writing letters and sending thank you notes have led me to a pretty awesome collection of stationary and postcards.

In this electronic age, it is safe to say that some may never pick up an ink pen again.  But I don’t care how in love you are with your cell phones and laptops.  A handwritten card will forever produce a thrill.  (That is, until some idiot succeeds in nixing snail mail.)

For those of you who still write letters, you might appreciate my latest batch of outgoing mail – thank you notes to all the people I saw on my recent visit back home.  My favorite element of this primitive art?  Choosing the right card for the right person.

Baja Birds

My first trip outside…..

Baja Cactus

To Dad, who likes the desert.

Bob Marley

Bob – to my favorite hair dresser.

Boston Massacre

Sent the Boston Massacre postcard to the sister with whom I may never stop fighting.


I see you down there Jim and Joni!


Newport Beach has mermaids.

Simpleton Pass, Reading The Bridge of SighsBedouins

John Singer Sargent, a favorite artist.  Jim took me to his exhibit in Boston.

Todos Santos

Todos Santos, home of the original Hotel California.  Still have to make it there.


Convinced a bookstore owner to sell this off the wall of his hippie section.  Thanks, bud.


Talking Heads

Cynthia's Bracelet

The most important consideration in creating a simple piece of jewelry is the bead choice.  A bold choice is a wise choice.

My turquoise skull beads came from Majesta M’s, a jewelry supply store in Fountain Valley, California.  There was a selection of skulls, but the turquoise was the most striking.

A simple bracelet with a single strand and clasp requires the following supplies:

  • Cool Beads and Good Ideas
  • Jewelry Wire (~0.45 mm)
  • 2 Crimp Beads
  • Clasp
  • Scissors/Wire Cutters
  • Needle-Nose Pliers

Skull & Seed Beads

1.  Measure one piece of wire according to the size of your wrist.  Leave a couple extra inches on both ends.

2.  Slide one end through a crimp bead, through one half of the clasp, then back through the crimp bead in the opposite direction.

3.  Pull the wire tight, and crimp the bead flat with the pliers.


4.  Decide how to arrange your beads and slide them down the wire.  Hide the tail by tucking it inside the beads.

Bracelet Beginning Bracelet Growing

5.  To fasten the other end of the clasp, repeat steps 2 – 3.  Tuck in the tail according to step 4.


6.  Clip the end and you’re done.

Bracelet Completed Skull Bracelet

This was Cynthia’s birthday present.  She loved it.

Britex FabricBritex FabricsBritex first floor, expensive importsBritex FabricsBritex FabricsBritex Buttons FloorBritex Button FloorBritex FabricBritex FabricBritex FabricBritex FabricsBritex FabricBritex FabricBritexChinatownChinatown

I followed my mom up to San Francisco for one of her LEGENDARY day-trips to Britex Fabrics.  But not just any fabric store…we’re talking five stocked floors of fine imports and affordable fabrics, thousands of buttons, miles of ribbon and lace, and rare finds hidden among the sea of bolts.  Britex would impress even the least stylist person.

Of her four children, I alone carry the record for ‘longest session in a fabric store with mom without complaining/whining/becoming angry.’  (Mom, you must be proud to have passed on your love of fine fashion to at least one child. Thank you for the good taste and eye for pretty.)

PS.  Britex’s blog has some cool things to tell you.

Our lists will forever be never ending. Splitting it into seasons is just easier on the mind. Here is the beginning of my summer notebook. May it’s words be given life before the summer is out.

Get wetsuit. Surf. (Tick, tock. It’s July.)

Dye suede boots already. (I need to find chocolate brown suede dye.)

Import “greatest car CD ever” onto my comp (before it becomes unplayably scratched).

Six Flags (with our new English friend).

Add lace to my ratty old jean shorts. (In other words, make them immortal.)

Bleach stamp tiny flowers onto overalls. (Yes, I said overalls.)

Sell old beach cruisers.

Garage sale. (Make way for the new.)

Have mom teach me to sew (and finally force her to make my dress she’s been talking about for so long).

Make slips and camisoles. (No one wears slips anymore. It’s tragic.)

Update the blog book.

Make over that old suitcase I found. (Gramma shouldn’t mind.)

Write more…seriously, you call yourself a writer.

Now enjoy these animals’ smiles, slime, and overbites from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.














Gallagher’s Irish Pub off Main Street in Huntington hosted the lively HB Surround Sound this 4th of July…here’s a look.

HBSS is about to hit the road with Sublime with Rome, Cypress Hill, and Pepper.