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A coworker has commissioned me for the second time.  Happily, my first project, a skateboard wall piece for his daughter’s birthday, was well-received (a post is in the works), so now I am to create a work of art to celebrate he and his wife’s 14th anniversary.  He doesn’t seem to have a specific idea in mind and just wants me to go for it.  Since I can count on one hand how many commissions I’ve had, I do feel pressure, but the assignment is freeing and I am excited.  This is an opportunity to create what I know.  I have been hired solely for my talent and style.

When you have a new assignment, infinity possibilities makes it tough to start.  Fortunately, a gander through old classwork gave me fresh inspiration, and now I have a vision.  Let’s count how many times I change direction before the November 5th deadline.  (Above is my research, what I found when I googled ‘pastel sky.’)