Talking Heads

Cynthia's Bracelet

The most important consideration in creating a simple piece of jewelry is the bead choice.  A bold choice is a wise choice.

My turquoise skull beads came from Majesta M’s, a jewelry supply store in Fountain Valley, California.  There was a selection of skulls, but the turquoise was the most striking.

A simple bracelet with a single strand and clasp requires the following supplies:

  • Cool Beads and Good Ideas
  • Jewelry Wire (~0.45 mm)
  • 2 Crimp Beads
  • Clasp
  • Scissors/Wire Cutters
  • Needle-Nose Pliers

Skull & Seed Beads

1.  Measure one piece of wire according to the size of your wrist.  Leave a couple extra inches on both ends.

2.  Slide one end through a crimp bead, through one half of the clasp, then back through the crimp bead in the opposite direction.

3.  Pull the wire tight, and crimp the bead flat with the pliers.


4.  Decide how to arrange your beads and slide them down the wire.  Hide the tail by tucking it inside the beads.

Bracelet Beginning Bracelet Growing

5.  To fasten the other end of the clasp, repeat steps 2 – 3.  Tuck in the tail according to step 4.


6.  Clip the end and you’re done.

Bracelet Completed Skull Bracelet

This was Cynthia’s birthday present.  She loved it.