During college in Boston, I would be the girl soaking up the party from the arm chair sitting cross-legged with a notebook in her lap.  “How weird,” perhaps thought the frat children.   But my perspective was far more awesome than from the inside of a red Solo cup.  Even these days I prefer to be creative than to join in on the shenanigans of coworkers and friends.  In the down time between placing orders and retrieving cocktails, I like to draw and write on blank hard checks with my mechanical pencil.

Monday seems a good doodle post day, as for many of you out there it is the beginning of the work week.  Here’s to inspiring “down time” on the job!

(Along with everything else I have saved over the years, I’ve still got drawings and doodles from as far back as pre-K.  Here’s one from who knows when.  Probably high school.)

Shroom Doodle