I spent the week in Iowa, cooking, eating, reading, and making…project after project. This one is as simple as can be and works well as a gift. I made one for Gramma Jackie’s 81st birthday and another for my mom, just because.


I kept seeing these white flowers growing on the sides of roads. Grampa called them “damned weeds that spread like wildfire and should be ripped out immediately” but their official name is Queen Anne’s Lace. They resembled fireworks and I thought they’d press well so I picked a few and shook off every bug…there were many.

Simply cut the excess stem so they will lay flat between two paper towels. Place them on a flat surface and set a heavy pile of books on top. Now go on about your business for several hours, days even, so they can press in peace.


I picked up a simple picture frame for about five bucks. Size and price are up to you. Just arrange them how you want them, face toward the glass, atop the included matte board (on which you could sign your name if you like). I cut a rectangle out of computer paper to place behind the arrangement and sealed up the frame. Voilà.


If you would like me to make a custom flower frame for you, shoot me an email, sunnystyles12@gmail.com, and we’ll talk it over.

Stay tuned for more tutorials very soon. One is a birthday present so I can’t give it away yet. Heading to San Francisco tomorrow in case it’s a few days before you hear from me. Cheers.