How is your day going?
Fantastic, as always.
Are you an artist?
 Yes, everyone is.  It doesn’t matter if your work is done in a frame, canvas, on a stage or even in your mind….if you are creating something that is uniquely you, then you’re an artist. 
Whether or not you call yourself an artist, how do you describe what you create?
I try to convey my mood and outlook in my photos by editing and adding effects.  The amount of drama and emotion you can add to a photo by simply taking away the color or adding a filter… it is astounding.  The same picture can have an entirely different meaning depending on how you edit it. 
So you’re on Instagram.  What other applications do you use to edit your images?
Snapseed, mainly, but also picture show, filter mania, picture frame, and squaready.
When did you find out that art meant something in this world?
I think it’s something you just grow up with, like movies and museums  but you don’t realize what it means until you’re older. Like learning about history and how propaganda and ads could influence an entire country’s beliefs…it’s a truly powerful weapon. 
Do you have a favorite color?
Two. Green and pink.
How do you support yourself these days?
I have my real estate license, but I’ve been processing loan modifications for the last 3 years. Basically, homeowners who can’t afford their mortgage come to me and I negotiate with their lender (the bank) to lower their interest rate so they can stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure.
As a creative individual, how do you fit into this world and what are your plans?
Instagram has such a family feel, you kinda get to know these’s a great place to relate and create and share art. Also, I’m acting in a webisode that will stream on YouTube in September.
Are you spiritual?  If so, how does your spirituality influence your art?
I wouldn’t say that I’m spiritual per se, but I do believe in the universe and it’s vast possibilities.  I’m very open to beliefs.
Are you involved in your art after its creation or do you leave it up to the observer/listener?
I love creating something with one thing in mind and having an observer construe it in a completely different way.  It just goes to show how personal art can be to each individual.
What is the point of what you do?
The point is that there is no point :) just doing.
Why have you chosen this goal?
Art enriches lives.  Everyone needs it.
Are you achieving it?
I will always be striving to achieve something greater.
What do you love the most?
What do you love the least?
Anything with love needs to be done wholeheartedly.  I can’t stand anyone who half-asses it.
All photographs come from the Instagram of Jessica Osgood, @muggle_.