Today called for some extreme stress relief. Retail therapy would do the trick. Picked up several pieces to add to my sophisticated working-girl wardrobe and a lounging blouse.








Forever 21 has grown considerably more attractive since grade school, when entering that sh*thole used to make me vomit a little in my mouth.  Pardon my crudeness.

I can now walk into almost any Forever 21 and not immediately drown in a tacky mess of cheaply made spandex, neon crop tops, and gaudy bandage dresses.  Now I can walk comfortably through the aisles without tripping on plastic hangers or stepping on already dirty clothing.  There’s still an unmanageably large selection, most of which I automatically glaze over, but each section has a distinguishable theme and makes it easy on the brain.  If one is patient and keen, there are cute things to be found and at decent price. Good work, clichéd fashion mega store!  Sorry to be so tough on you.