This is an excerpt from a profile of local Huntington Beach band, The Originalites.  Stay tuned for more.

In a few short years, the boys of The Originalites have progressed from high school band mates to full-time musicians with budding stardom.  They have stepped from the Fountain Valley bowl to Sunset Strip, released a full-length original album, gone on tour – and they are far from finished.  The one thing I haven’t seen these talented people do is change themselves.  Their character remains as connected as ever the louder the crowd chants.  Their smiles and friendships are just as genuine the further they travel, the more people they meet.  Their passion burns stronger the more difficult their mission becomes.  When I envision the future of The Originalites, I see them in stadiums packed with thousands and thousands, all singing their songs as one.  I see cars and cribs on island beaches.  I see the names Peter Fontes, Daniel Tello, Michael Belk, and Tim Frankeny atop music charts, surf results, and skateboarding news, and spoken of admiringly from lips of those of all genres across the world.  I see four talented and successful artists, surrounded by best friends, family, creativity, and endless love.  The secret behind The Originalites’ bond is not the desire for fame – it is the freedom of their minds and flight of their souls.