I ride a custom Sunny Styles skateboard.  Proud to report that I’ve never seen one quite like it.  Here’s what I did:

The original deck is by Silly, classic 32″ skateboard with a sculpted nose and tail.  I’m going for a longboard-shortboard style to cruise with.

Step 1: Sand away original design.  Use rough first, then fine grain to smooth the surface.  I did it by hand.

Step 2: Spray paint the base.  This was my first attempt EVER with a spray can…here I thought it’d be easy.  If you’re new to it too, I’d ask a graffiti artist friend or someone at the art store for some tips.

Step 3: Design.  The ultimate free reign.  (I used DecoColor and Uni Paint acrylic paint pens…these are all slightly temperamental so practice before you jump right in…unless you’re that type of person.)

Here’s a closeup of my signature daisy.  The color scheme worked out nicely.

Step 4: Coat thrice with polyurethane gloss varnish.

Step 5: Collect hardware and necessary tools, grip tape, sharpie, and paper for making a stencil.

Step 6: Trace board on the grip tape.

Step 7: Design a stencil and cut out.

Step 8: Line it up and tape it down.

Step 9: Use a razor blade to cut out pieces of grip tape.  It was tricky to stick mine properly to my deck but the skate shop boy helped.

Step 10: Hardware, trucks, and wheels.  Picked out the bombest, and left assembly up to the professional.

If you desire your own custom board, shoot me an email, sunnystyles12@gmail.com, or comment.  Let’s talk designs.