(I should warn you…there is a bit of nudity in this post, and if it makes you uncomfortable, you should close your eyes and scroll down for 10 seconds or so. For you brave, artful souls, power on.)

I’m well connected here in Boston without really having to try. When in doubt, just keep walking. There are plenty of strangers and things to keep you entertained at all hours of the day and night. Today’s stroll downtown has led me to Trident Booksellers on Newbury Street. In search of a used book store, my memory served me incorrectly as this one here is maximum price (it is Newbury after all) but I picked up a magazine anyway and am discovering what a great choice it was. Thought I’d share some beautiful pages from Treats! Magazine with you.
There’s a café right behind me…I should order tea.

Mmmm. Blueflower Earl Grey was the final decision. I’ve added milk for the first time. And honey. I like it.

Using a sugar packet as a bookmark…in case you were wondering.

I’m learning the vivid history of Big Sur in this article. It’s quite excellent writing by Rob Hill. Here he speaks of Hunter S. Thompson, an “enamored” visitor of Big Sur:

On a typewriter that was carefully balanced atop a rocky cliff, with his shirt off, rum poured, and dog by his side – while his girlfriend sunbathed naked down below – the good doctor wrote…






Q&A’s of Harri Peccinotti

While I haven’t known him by name until now, I am familiar with some of his more famous work. This interview is nice. I’m learning that Peccinotti is like the well-rounded artist I aspire to be: a graphic designer, photographer, musician, painter, his life is fueled by creativity…and, like strolling happily in Boston, it is a natural progression. The life of an artist, a true artist like Harri Peccinotti, inspires me. There is always something to do. When asked about his depiction of nudity and eroticism, he answered:

I consider it just like Picasso, drawing nudes in my head. I wasn’t doing pornography at all, but my son says, ‘Youre known as a pornographer. All you do is take pictures of nude girls,’ which is not actually true. If someone has an idea to do some nude pictures, they often ask me, which I don’t mind. I like nude girls. I like them with clothes, without clothes, however they come. I don’t even think of my pictures as erotic. Sensual perhaps, but I’m not looking for absolute crudity. I don’t like it, even. Really crude pictures I don’t think I could do.



Cover model Emily Ratajkowski, Photographs by Steve Shaw