My mom has had posts piling up for me and I’m finally feeling so motivated. Good to be reconnected with Sunny Styles.

Anyone have any idea what this braid’s called? Mermaid braid works for me. If you agree, just go ahead and spread the word. It’s lovely though, isn’t it? I’ll ask Jerry and let you know when I go in to color my hair. First time, officially anyways. This will be a little more expensive than my only two other hair alterations, both of which were on Halloween night in a kitchen or bathroom. I have decided at last to take on the expense of hair color that my mother has lovingly prevented for 21 years.

Just some highlights to start. I really like this color, actually. Wish I had the patience to make waves like that every day.

Mom found this on a Tumblr called The Happiest are the Prettiest.