Introducing a new series from Sunny Styles – Insta-Greatests – featuring cool artists/photographers I find somewhere in Instagram. Eddie’s stylish symmetry and bold designs first caught my eye, but he is quite talented across several mediums. Find his work here and his Tumblr here.

SS: How are you today?

EJ: I’m having a pretty good day, running errands before I get to work on the Lake house design.

SS: Who are you and what do you do?

EJ: My name is Eduardo Juarez. I’m 19 years old currently living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’m a full-time student at the MATC Architectural program. An artist and a part-time photographer (not professional, just for fun).

SS: What do you think about art/artists? Are you one?

EJ: Art is amazing. I can’t imagine living life without [seeing] art daily. Artists/creative individuals are shaping the world as we know it; they inspire me to do greater things in life. I like to consider myself as one. Ever since I can remember, I loved art and design. [I’d] like to give thanks to my parents for letting me express myself and follow my dreams.

SS: Where do you find inspiration?

EJ: I like to take long walks and explore the streets, see the graffiti and street art surrounding me. I like to travel and see other parts of the country. I usually take my sketchbook with me just to note certain cool stuff throughout the way. I like listening to all sorts of music and discover new artists along the way. I usually go to tattoo shops or conventions and meet artists. I like [visiting] design blogs regularly to keep me up to date on who is doing what, etc. I get my inspiration in a lot of ways, which I find very enjoying.

SS: What are your fears?

EJ: I have [quite] a few. Most [have] to do with the fact that I’m scared of failure. I would hate to see how not only myself but how others would be affected if I fail in life.

SS: How do you visualize your future?

EJ: Working at an architectural firm, cranking out amazing designs for my clients, possibly even partnering and having the pleasure to work for myself. I think that would be a good life. Changing the planet one design at a time.

SS: Do you have anything else to say?

EJ: Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to do this, and I just want to give a big shout out to everyone that keeps art alive.