I make impulse decisions.  Constantly, I spend dollars on items I neverneed, simply because I see no reason to live without them.  To be fair, finer taste does come with age.  At least I can say that the pieces I add to my collection (of clothing, that is) will most definitely one day become my daughter’s teenage excitement and vintage gold years into her life.  I am not a hoarder like you see on those shows…mainly because my surely-existent, self-diagnosed A.D.D. kicks in approximately thrice a month and beautifully organizesall that I save.  I find a place for everything that might one day be incorporated into a project – and believe me – my vivid imagination and slightly-handicapping fear of losing things means that just about anything goes.  But we’re getting far off track…back to fashion.

Darn, I’ve forgotten how this all connected.  OH!

Yes, the plus side of spending all my savings on one or two or three expensive staples every month is that they will be valuable long into the future.  And anything that grows less pleasurable to wear – by holes, stains, markings, sizing – can always be modified or even adjusted for another wearer.  Oh, the beauty of creativity – and excessive saving!

So, the question is, should I sign away 205 of my precious life savings for the pleasure of owning this magnificent Joie blouse that has stolen my heart already?  (That must be why…  Once I get an idea into my head, I generally make any excuse in the world to justify carrying it out.  Oh my, Gemini.)  I could also split the price and share it with my transcontinental cousin, Kristi, à la ‘Cousin-Hood of the Traveling Blouse.’  (There’s justification number one, right there!)  Anyways, what would you do?

PS: Don’t even think of clicking on the Joie link.  I’ve already made that mistake… Watch, a week from now I’ll have no money left over to eat!

PSS: Some other pieces I picked up today…with a gift card, okay!


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