It’s funny how a holiday in Venice is no different from an average day in Venice. Here are moments from Martin Luther King weekend.

A 3-woman crew, 6+ outfits, several pairs of heels, one giant, one baby digital, 3 cell phone cameras, 1 skateboard, 1 duck-brella, 1 windshield screen (which worked not as a light reflector), 3 lipsticks, and dozens of business cards, all jammed into an extra-large Free People shopping bag (yes, I felt like bag lady) and lugged down the boardwalk for our makeshift photoshoot…only to be overshadowed by the ‘real’ shoot going on just behind our chosen graf-splashed wall. Ten frames later, “Um, hi, excuse me. Oh my gosh, how cool that you guys are doing this, but can you move down. We can see tops of heads in our photos…. Thank you, so sorry!”

Sure interns, we’ll get our craniums our of your pictures but didn’t your mothers tell you how rude it is to stare? First lesson of the day: sometimes it feels good to be dogged, especially while walking in wedges on sand. On a less cynical note, when the ‘real’ photographer realized what we were doing she came and asked to shoot our shoot…that was cool. Should have given her a confidence card.

Second lesson of the day: plans always end up in the trash. All this last second preparation for about twenty minutes in the graffiti park before the sunlight sucked and the big digital died. Cynthia swung both cameras round her neck and one in her pocket, like the fliest photographer around, and I carried my skateboard like a fruit basket and the weight of the world on one shoulder. And the Venice Photoshoot turned into a Street Style opportunity (genuine Free People girls down below), that is until the small digital died. And all the while, Liz absorbed the mad beach for the first time, like a condensed version of the world’s diluted psychosis (/part genius).

As always in Venice, a moment will come and you will know it’s time to slow down.  One can only take so much eccentricity before it takes a toll on your endurance.  What better way to slow your high-speed heart rate by stopping to watch a street show.  Sunny Styles features Style Proz, a dance performance group that makes a memorable impression with their wit and charm.  These boys have been dancing in the streets and on the television for a long time…and they have mastered the art of attracting a crowd and keeping it large.  Good luck and get big, boys.