Granted, a little does go a long way, but what better place to watch everything spin?

This is Al Culbertson.  He uses the sun and a magnifier to burn images into wood.  I took his picture because I was drawn to his calm focus.  I’ve never had someone get back to me so quickly as he.  Barely moving upon his seat, he creates something never-before-seen.  “No way,” say the passersby.  Yes way, look for him.

The best part about Venice is that wherever you stand, the music of the moment sets a new mood.  And when you move from one spot to another, the music mixes gradually until you find yourself in another time altogether.  Think about it…

And everyone is doing something for themselves, something crazy, passionate, original, dangerous, magical… Is it okay to stare here?  I’d say a bunch of strangers taking your picture because you’re cool would feel good any day…so that’s what we tried to do here.

Photographs by Dylan Itkoff and Chloe McDonald, taken with iPhone 4s and a fish eye lens.

I hope you guys find this!