New Years 2012 – White Wonderland in Anaheim, CA – Dada Life, Kaskade (not), Benny Benassi, & Paul Van Dyke

If we found you and photographed you at the show, I hope you see this!  If you do, let’s chat!

Press play before you read on…the video is blurry, but the sound might give you chills.

It’s only money.  Kaskade was to be worth it…but unfortunately Orange County’s low-lying fog is to blame.  If only we were in Las Vegas…we could’ve had him for 12 hours straight.  I believe him when he says he’ll make it up to us.  The best part – I tricked myself during a Kaskade song and left without disappointment.  He must’ve been there in spirit.

I was there for the sights, eye-contact with strangers, being on the same level…and people like John.  “No matter the time or day, just celebrate…celebrate.  That’s why we’re all here.”  It was a pleasure meeting you, friend.  I hope you see this.

Somehow we always made it to the right place at the right time.  Sure, I tripped over metal stairs and bruised my finger, but the VIP platform gave me the perfect video.  The first bathroom was closed, but on my way to the second I crossed paths with a girl I noticed at the start of the night, and was able to snap her photograph.  Just before leaving the show, Dylan stopped to ask a question, and if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have run into my best friends from junior year.  It’s funny how good things work out.

Harry envisioned a series of paintings and we both took notes.  We will keep you informed.  PS: Much love to pocketbook carriers.

Sorry for the red eyes, Goddess in White.  That’s what you get with cell phone photography.

I realized that a DJ is only as great as his timing.  The rhythm of his crowd is what he follows, not the other way around.  Dancers are the breath.  When we need to jump,  make that base drop.  When we need to soul-fly, make a melody sizzle.  And when we need a break, by god, slow us down.  Benny Benassi, you showed me cool 2 and 1/2 years ago and I still give you props today.  Thanks for knowing when to drop a dubstep beat. <3

If you let it, the sensation becomes euphoric, and the sore exhaustion washes away with memories that last a lifetime.