Peter Schwab and Chloe McDonald bring you a post about real freedom:

In a past life, sweet grapes fragrance togas (yes, togas) and soft sunshine glitters eyelashes.  We got away go come to the island, because the crowded world was horrifying.  This is not a past life, this world is real…and this world is not free.

Make the greedy millions and use them to get away.  Build a massive treehouse close enough to the clouds that you can put a handful in your morning tea.  Smile at the rainbow birds, sing to the sunrise, and listen for the spirit voices.

Wear nothing but flowers in your hair.  Don’t wait for your friends to walk to the beach because they are already there.  They’ve sculpted you a castle the size of your dreams.  Your love is all that it needs.

Paint your body with the natural mud of the earth and allow the sun to sizzle it on your soft skin.  Jump off the rocky ledge into the golden sea of treasure and then swim to a secret cove to share your private moment of truth with the God of Love.

And rise again in the morning freer than you were before.

Because it’s life that gives you wings.