I introduced myself to Mr. Valenzuela outside of Peet’s Coffee in Huntington Beach a few weeks ago. I must say, it was somewhat intimidating considering this was the first official ‘artist’ I’ve encountered. I knew he was an artist the moment I saw him because he was fully engaged in his work, right outside the coffee shop, tea pot and saucer by his side and pastels and drawing pad in his hand. I was convinced of his perfect candidacy to be approached about Sunny Styles…so, as not to miss out on this opportunity, I placed my books into my pack and pulled out a trusty business card – it should be called ‘confidence card,’ but then again…I’m fresh in this stage of networking.

SS: How is your day going?

SV: Pretty agonizing.You see, I’m in love with someone, which I never thought would happen again, and especially in such a grand way. But I have, and as usual she’s just a friend right now and doesn’t know how I feel, and in turn I have absolutely no clue if she feels anything for me. But the real punch-line is that she’s moving out of state in a couple weeks to be with her best friend. So on one hand I’m really happy for her, she needs to do what makes her happy, but on the other hand, I’m intensely sad for obvious reasons. I know that I have to tell her how I feel, but I just don’t know when or how. And It’s funny (or sad) I’m really used to unrequited love, it’s something that’s plagued me from the beginning of my romantic life, I just hope that this wonderful woman breaks that horrible chain.I don’t want to be that cliche artist, always heartbroken, always sad, always tragic. I hate the thought of that. so in short, my mind and heart is weighing pretty heavy today.

SS: Are you an artist?

SV: Yes, people call me that.

SS: Whether or not you call yourself an artist, how do you describe the ‘art’ you create?

SV: I usually don’t describe my art, I let other people describe it. but I suppose if I had to, I would call it Surrealist expressionism. or just illustration.

SS: When did you find out that art meant something in this world?

SV: August 3rd, 1985.

SS: Do you have a favorite color?

SV: I’m attracted to warm reds.

SS: How do you support yourself these days?

SV: my legs.

SS: Are you spiritual? If so, how does your spirituality influence your art?

SV: I am, and my art is a spiritual practice in itself. to me there’s nothing more spiritual than the act of creation and destruction, and all of that can take place on my canvas. it’s less messy than other forms of creation and destruction.

SS: Do you care to talk about your ‘first’ piece? I can’t remember it. sorry. it probably had an animal in it.

SS: Are you part of the ‘art world’ or the ‘non-art world?’ Do you believe that these worlds exist separately?

SV: it’s the same to me. but it’s up to the artist to show their interpretation of the world around them, and the world within them, to expand the understanding of experience, and the relation of the individual to everything else. or something like that.

SS: Do you feel the need to reconcile the misunderstanding of your creation?

SV: absolutely not.

SS: Do you believe art can be used as propaganda, or should art be ‘intention’ free?

SV: art is propaganda for the artist. artists are attention whores, and constantly in need of being understood.

SS: Are you involved in your art after its creation or do you leave it up to the observer/listener?

SV: it depends I suppose.

SS: What is the point of what you do?

SV: I just do what I do. it just so happens that I create images that people like and can relate to. I want to inspire people with those images. The end goal is to become a children’s book illustrator.

SS: Why have you chosen this goal?

SV: because I can’t see myself doing anything else. and I wouldn’t really want to do anything else.

SS: Are you achieving it?

SV: Slowly

SS: What intrigues you the most?

SV: people. they’re sooo strange. the natural world is awe inspiring to me.

SS: What intrigues you the least?

SV: cars.

SS: Describe your ideal environment for creating.

SV: I can’t describe it, I haven’t found it yet. and ideals are such a tease.

This is Scott’s ArtSlant profile, and here is a link to his gallery, OMC – Gallery for Contemporary Art – November 19th – January 28th. Go and introduce yourself to him! Sunny Styles style.