I am pretty connected driving home.  I breath and my mind becomes calm.  The music sets me free to roam.  I am lost in meditation.  My thoughts are reflective and resonating.  This personal wisdom is so elating.  It’s the closest I’ve been the enlightenment.

My guitar is looking at me with neglected eyes.  Every day I remember how it felt to play.  I remember how hard it was to make it over the hump, and I remember that I still haven’t made it there.  I want to play again so I can learn to play well and so I can learn how to sing and play together.  I want to sing Closer to the Sun while playing.  That could be my soul song.  I have a lot of work to do.


Time to Pretend – MGMT


See the Sun – The Kooks


Champagne Supernova -Oasis


Tick of Time – The Kooks


No Rain – Blind Melon


Closer to the Sun – Slightly Stoopid


Images by Peter Schwab.