Dare step forward?!?

If only I had a picture of the beast in which we drove 1,662 miles and spent three and a half days.  I kept reminding myself but never got around to it.  My mom kept calling herself ‘Mother Trucker’ and I was ‘copilot/side-kick.’  Before I knew it, the car trailer was unhitched, the U-haul unpacked, and I was on my way to the airport…

It’s amazing how so much nothingness can attract so many tourists.  I guess that’s Route 66 for you.

I could never be a teacher because I couldn’t stand the repetition.  For the same reasons, this weekend I confirmed my already-assumed position that I could not be a cross-country truck driver.  Don’t get me wrong, though; It was a beautiful drive – at least it was when I was awake.  My mom didn’t let me drive much – it was probably a mixture of stubbornness and a head filled with thoughts of my ‘bad driving’ (thanks, Dyl).

Another thing: the Midwest does not call out to me like it must others…

My mom started her new life and took the first step on her own.  It makes me proud.  She has the world’s most comfortable bed and four pups to keep her company if all the Texas cousins become too much to handle (Bruce the mini Lassy, Bear the barking terrier, Luke the skiddish mut, and Mike the friendly (female) pit).  Keep pushin’ on mom; you’ve got a long road to travel.  (And I’m reachable within seconds.)