I have neglected to post in a while and I want to tell you why. The middle of nowhere, which is where I’ve been for the last few days, provides just about nothing to see but rolling hills, monumental rocks, the occasional grazing cow, and splashes of wildflower yellow along nearly every highway. I have a digital, a film, and a cell phone camera, but my view to the front is scattered with bug juices, and the side-view mirror (from the 17 foot U-Haul we’re driving) blocks about 90 more degrees to my right, leaving me with a narrow window of opportunity to catch a shot of greater interest than the horizon line.

I think I’m starting to rant. Anyways, I’m out here accompanying my mom who is moving to Texas. (We feel like truckers.) I fly home Monday, go straight to school to take an Astronomy exam, and then I will share my experience with you in fuller detail. Cheers, my friends.