Universal Studios after ten years really changes perspective as an adult remembering childhood…bo-ring.  Just kidding, it was fun to remember the old (Waterworld!) and see the new (King Kong, etc.).  Everything just seemed so much smaller and grungier (by grungier, I mean dirtier…not the grunge fad that is in at the moment) than it was when I was a pre-teen.  (But let me just tell you.  If you’ve just recently been in an accident or have any sort of neck or back injury, MOST of the rides (ie. The Simpsons, Revenge of the Mummy) are terribly destructive on pain tolerance.  Talk about whiplash, man.)

Actually, as I writer, I am totally biased when it comes to movies (and the studios that make them).  When your only resource is words, it is easy to become somewhat jealous of storytellers who get to utilize almost every human sense at one time.  Then again, inspiration and learning comes from every place.  If you want some practice writing, turn on your favorite movie and watch your favorite scene over and over.  Be keen to the visual and vocal clues.  Then write it out.  I’ll bet you come up with something stellar.  SEND TO SS!

PS.  Disneyland will always be my favorite fantasy-land.