I had an interview with Free People in South Coast Plaza today [O My Gawd!].  You probably can’t tell I’m excited, but anyways, let’s move on so we don’t jinx my party.

Question number one: Describe your style.  The second I finished, I wished I could’ve hit re-do.  I used words like ‘flowy’ and ‘flowery’ and….’hippie chic.’  Hippie chic!?  I hate the word choices for describing ‘style.’  They all end up sounding like they’ve been pulled straight from Cosmo Girl or Teen Vogue.   Everyone’s either ‘Bohemian’ or ‘edgy,’ ‘girlie’ or ‘trendy.’  Listen, I have nothing against the way you dress.  I just hate using monotonous and trite words.

I don’t have a style.  I have a few blouses and skirts and dresses that I sometimes combine in a way that pops…  The outfits I create with my minimal closet are fantastic, but by the time I want to wear them again, I have forgotten the combination or have lost one of the key articles…  Ahem!  It’s funny how I find at least two belongings in my sister’s room each time I walk in.  She’s leaving for college on Sunday.  I’m expecting a large dent in my wardrobe.  Ha!

Why didn’t I think to say ‘Sunny’ today??


Ps.  I don’t know if those pictures have a theme.  They just caught my eye tonight.  And who knows who took them all.